Cretan music festivals - night life in Rethymno Crete

Live Cretan Music Concerts at Rethymno

Rethymno, a charming town on the island of Crete, is known for its vibrant cultural scene, and you can often find traditional Cretan music concerts taking place in the area. These concerts provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of Crete.

Here’s how you can enjoy Cretan music concerts in Rethymno:

  1. Local Tavernas and Restaurants: Many tavernas and restaurants in Rethymno host live music performances, including Cretan music. These events often feature local musicians playing traditional Cretan instruments like the lyre, lute, and mandolin. Check with the establishments in the old town or along the waterfront to see if they have scheduled live music nights.
  2. Rethymno Fortezza: The Fortezza of Rethymno, a historic fortress, occasionally hosts cultural events and concerts. Check the local event listings or inquire with the fortress authorities to see if any Cretan music performances are scheduled during your visit.
  3. Local Festivals: Rethymno hosts several festivals and cultural events throughout the year. These festivals often include traditional Cretan music and dance performances as part of their programs. Be sure to check the festival calendar to see if any music events coincide with your visit.
  4. Cultural Centers and Theaters: The Erofili Theatre and the Rethymno Municipal Garden Theater are cultural venues in Rethymno that sometimes host musical events, including Cretan music concerts. Keep an eye on their schedules for upcoming performances.
  5. Local Music Schools and Workshops: Some music schools and cultural organizations in Rethymno offer workshops and concerts featuring Cretan music. These events may provide insights into the traditional instruments and music of the region.
  6. Music Festivals: Crete, as a whole, hosts various music festivals that showcase a wide range of musical genres, including traditional Cretan music. While not specific to Rethymno, these festivals can offer a fantastic opportunity to experience authentic Cretan music in a festival setting.
  7. Local Promotional Posters and Flyers: Keep an eye out for posters, flyers, and announcements around town. These promotional materials often advertise upcoming concerts and events, including Cretan music performances.


When you’re in Rethymno, it’s a good idea to ask locals and hotel staff for recommendations and information about where and when you can enjoy Cretan music concerts. These events provide a unique opportunity to connect with the island’s cultural traditions and savor the enchanting sounds of Crete.

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