Boat Trip in Crete - Balos Lagoon

Unforgettable Ocean Tours on Crete Island

Exploring the coastline and the beautiful waters surrounding Crete is a fantastic way to experience the island’s natural beauty. Here are some popular options for an ocean tours on Crete:

  1. Boat Tours and Cruises: There are various boat tours and cruises available on the island, departing from different coastal towns and cities. These tours can take you to scenic spots, hidden coves, and even neighboring islands. Some of the popular destinations include Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon, Elafonissi Beach, and the island of Dia.
  2. Glass-Bottom Boat Tours: These tours are a unique way to explore the underwater world without getting wet. Glass-bottom boats have transparent viewing areas in their hulls, allowing you to see marine life and the vibrant seabed.
  3. Sailing Trips: If you’re looking for a more intimate and customizable experience, consider a private sailing trip. You can charter a sailboat with a crew, and they can take you to secluded beaches, snorkeling spots, and even provide you with a personalized itinerary.
  4. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: Crete has some excellent diving and snorkeling sites, with crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life. You can join a guided dive or snorkeling tour to explore underwater caves, reefs, and shipwrecks.
  5. Sea Kayaking: Sea kayaking allows you to paddle along the coastline and explore sea caves and secluded beaches. It’s an active and immersive way to experience the natural beauty of Crete.
  6. Fishing Tours: If you’re interested in fishing, some tours offer fishing trips where you can try your hand at catching some local fish. You can also enjoy the tranquility of the sea while waiting for your catch.
  7. Water Sports: Many coastal areas in Crete offer water sports such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, windsurfing, and more. You can rent equipment and take part in various water activities.
  8. Sunset Cruises: Watching the sunset over the Cretan sea is a magical experience. You can book a sunset cruise, often with dinner and live music, for a romantic and memorable evening.
  9. Visit Marine Parks and Reserves: Crete has marine parks and reserves that are dedicated to protecting the underwater environment and its biodiversity. Consider visiting these areas to appreciate the marine life and natural beauty.
  10. Island-Hopping Tours: Crete is well-connected to nearby islands like Santorini and Mykonos. You can book island-hopping tours to explore multiple destinations in the Aegean Sea.


Koufonissi Crete sailing tours
Koufonissi Crete sailing tours

Boat tours in Crete are a popular way to explore the stunning coastline, discover beautiful beaches, and visit nearby islands. Here are some of the boat tours you can consider in different regions of Crete:

  1. Balos Beach and Gramvousa Island Tour: This tour takes you to the famous Balos Beach and the island of Gramvousa. You can explore the turquoise waters, walk along the sandy shores, and visit the Venetian fortress on Gramvousa.
  2. Elafonissi Beach Tour: Elafonissi Beach is known for its pink sand and crystal-clear waters. Boat tours to Elafonissi Beach allow you to enjoy the unique beauty of this location.
  3. Spinalonga Island Tour: Spinalonga Island is famous for its Venetian fortress and its history as a leper colony. Boat tours often provide guided tours of the island.
  4. Santorini Day Trip: While Santorini is not part of Crete, you can book boat tours from Crete to visit this iconic Greek island with its breathtaking views, charming villages, and unique beaches.
  5. Dia Island Tour: Dia Island is a nature reserve located near Heraklion. Boat tours to Dia Island offer opportunities for snorkeling, swimming, and enjoying the pristine environment.
  6. Dolphin and Whale Watching: Many boat tours offer the chance to spot dolphins, whales, and other marine life in the Cretan Sea. These tours provide educational experiences and a chance to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.
  7. Sunset Cruises: Enjoy a romantic evening on the water with a sunset cruise. These tours often include dinner and live entertainment, making them perfect for couples.
  8. Fishing Tours: Fishing excursions allow you to try your hand at fishing while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Cretan coastline. Some tours also offer the opportunity to cook your catch onboard.
  9. Custom Charters: If you have specific preferences or are planning a special event, you can book a private charter for a customized boat tour experience.
Boat tours to Spinalonga Crete
Boat tours to Spinalonga Crete
Sailing boat tours to Dia Island on Crete
Sailing boat tours to Dia Island on Crete
Balos Beach boat tours
Balos Beach boat tours

It’s important to note that the availability of these boat tours can vary by location and season, with more options typically available during the summer months. To book boat tours on Crete, you can typically do the following:

Contact Local Tour Operators: You can reach out to local tour operators or agencies in popular tourist areas such as Chania, Heraklion, Rethymno, and Agios Nikolaos. They can provide information about available boat tours and help you make reservations.

Visit Tourist Information Centers: When you arrive on Crete, stop by tourist information centers, which often have information about boat tours, brochures, and recommendations.

Online Booking: Many boat tour operators have websites where you can check availability, view tour details, and make reservations in advance.

Inquire at Your Accommodation: Your hotel or accommodations may also be able to assist you in booking boat tours or provide recommendations based on your preferences.

Remember that the availability of specific boat tours may vary by location and season, so it’s a good idea to plan in advance, especially if you have a particular tour or destination in mind.

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