Rethymno - nightlife in Rethymno Crete

Nightlife in Rethymno (Rethymno old town & Rethymno beach)

The nightlife in Rethymno (also called Rethymnon) is particularly vivid. Rethymno offers a truly magical nightlife at its old town (center of Rethymno city) and across the long beach right outside the town of Rethymno. A great variety of cafe-bars are found in the harbor in front of Rethymno old-town and usually stay open until after midnight.

The summer clubs of Rethymno are also plenty with different music styles for all tastes like pop, house, Latin, and others but also during the winter season Rethymno offers many entertainment alternatives with great restaurants and taverns offering amazing local food, cafes, bars and dancing clubs

The magic nightlife in Rethymno (Crete)

One easy place to look for the best bars and clubs in Rethymno is to visit the old port, across the east side of the old port there are several cafes and bars, one after the other along the beach front of Rethymno town. Though all of the old city center of Rethymno is full of shops and cafe bars and night clubs.

Eyes Live Lounge (Bars & Clubs)

Chaplin’s (Bars & Clubs)

LUX Cafe Rethymno (Bars & Clubs)

Bell’ Elen Pub (Bars & Clubs)

Cafe Viva (Bars & Clubs)

Black Lotus Pub (Bars & Clubs)

Portokali Beach Bar (Bars & Clubs)

Ananas Cocktail Cafe Bar (Bars & Clubs)

Billia’s – Billiards Rethymno (Bars & Clubs)

Nafpigio (Bars & Clubs • Jazz Bars)

Antika Irish Pub (Bars & Clubs)

Metropolis Bar Rethymno (Bars & Clubs)

Fortezza Lighthouse Bar (Bars & Clubs)

Le Dome (Bars & Clubs)

Store 311 Night Club (Bars & Clubs)

Louvro The Club (Bars & Clubs • Dance Clubs & Discos)

Ice Club (Bars & Clubs)

Rethymno Old town in CRETE GREECE
Rethymno Old town in CRETE GREECE

The magic nightlife in Rethymno (Crete)

These places are best for nightlife in Rethymnon:

    Eyes Live Lounge
    LUX Cafe Rethymno
    Cafe Viva
    Bell' Elen Pub

These are the best places for couples seeking nightlife in Rethymnon:

    Eyes Live Lounge
    Cafe Viva
    Bell' Elen Pub

These are the best places for groups seeking nightlife in Rethymnon:

    Eyes Live Lounge
    LUX Cafe Rethymno
    Black Lotus Pub
    Metropolis Bar Rethymno

These are the best places for budget-friendly nightlife in Rethymnon:

Eyes Live Lounge
Bell' Elen Pub

These are the best places for budget-friendly nightlife in Rethymnon:

Eyes Live Lounge
Bell' Elen Pub

Outside the Rethymno city walls there is also Room69, an exceptional place for anyone looking for unbridled fun: a disco with swimming pool, open only during the summer period.

When the sun sets, Rethymno comes alive with a buzzing nightlife scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. Rethymno city’s nightlife scene is truly vibrant, and there are many options to choose from when you want to spend a fun evening out.

What other things to do besides the nightlife that are worth visiting in Rethymno? Οther things to do in Rethymno that you shouldn’t miss:

Tours and Excursions
Daily Trips
Outdoor nature activities
Historical places & Sightseeing

Top attractions in Rethymnon

 1 - Venetian Port of Rethymno
 2 - Forteza of Rethymnon
 3 - Archaeological Museum of Rethymno
 4 - Mili Gorge, Rethymno
 5 - Neratze Mosque
 6 - Handmade Traditional Philo Workshop
 7 - Rethymnon Marina
 8 - Koumbes beach
 9 - Sultan Ibrahim Han Mosque
 10 - Halevi Monastery, Rethymno
 11 - Missiria beach, Rethymno

Video of the nightlife in Rethymno

night walking tour in Rethymno Crete

The nightlife Rethymno offers, you will not find it anywhere in Greece!

(SOURCE: article on Rethymno’s Nightlife by Ms Natassa Vogiatzis –

The nightlife Rethymno offers, you will not find it anywhere in Greece!

If someone is looking for the awakening of his senses, companionship with the sea, but also the traditional ghostly alleys for evening walks, the stone-built clubs, but also the summer hangouts, discovering unconditional fun, then he should visit the city of Rethymno.

Rethymno knows no winter and summer, as each season has its own beauty and character.

The options for an unforgettable evening are open from the beach overlooking the Aegean, the beach bars and cafes that host, on a daily basis, parties of all kinds, to the narrow streets of the Old Town, where the clubs, smaller bars and the rakadikas, there is the ideal and utopian night life, which everyone would look for on an island. Because, in this destination, you can find carefreeness, freedom, abundance, entertainment and leisure “filtered” by the Cretan mentality and culture.

Winter fun in Rethymno

In the winter months, the night entertainment does not maintain its intense summer rhythms, but this does not mean that it is insufficient and loses its value. On the contrary, the students, who make up the majority of the evening repertoire in Rethymnon, prefer all days of the week to be hosted at carefree parties and themed evenings, organized either by the beach cafes and taverns, or by the clubs.

Of course, the locals are also the ones who give an even more intense breath of fun, staffing and spreading the fun of the island. The rhythms of the music never recognize a ceiling, the special cocktails and shakers of the shops do not know what “shelf” means and the tables do not stop serving their guests, until the morning hours.

Foreign music is married to the newly collected Greek pieces, napkins are not housed in warehouses and the drink flows abundantly, at rates according to everyone’s taste. The first parade takes place in the early afternoon for a first taste, either on Emmanouil Vernadou Street, where the small shops with snacks and drinks are located, or on Eleftheriou Venizelou Street, where the coffee bars are housed.

Lovers of picturesqueness and traditional Cretan culture will prefer the first option, with a “welcome” glass of raki, they will be enchanted by the narrow streets of the Old Town and will want to get drunk under its lights and singing voices at night.

But, for those whose endless blue charms their hearts and soothes their souls, the beginning must be made on the second street, where the smell of coffee does not have time to evaporate and is followed by the taste of cool cocktails, accompanied by intense melodies and dance.
The Rethymnon summer air enlivens the evenings

When the sun hits the sea and the temperature rises, then the nightlife of Rethymno meets its glories and marks the beginning of the summer season. Tourism, internal and external, is the source of entertainment, while there are not a few students who wish to stay for the summer months at their student post, enjoying the island.

Nevertheless, the core of the entertainment moves from the alleys to the center, on a journey from the side of the beach, beach bars and luxury hotel units, to the area of Platanias.

In the texture of the sand and under the sun’s rays, the wildest parties are set up, even at night. The saltiness of the sea, meets the decks of many DJs throughout Greece, the dance does not stop on the ground, but extends to the sea, but also on the bars and the new summer flavors of drinks seduce, creating the feeling of debauchery and revelry.

Of course, the continuation from the beach is even more epic and Dionysian. One can start from the coffee bars until the arrival of midnight, where smiles are given and taken, tans get rocking and jugs of beer and wine are in abundance.

Then, the best option is to visit the clubs where the lights flicker in colors and the world seems more united than ever, to a single melody. There, local youth mingle with tourists of all ages and students, there is absolutely no separation. There it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you believe, as long as you appreciate the good time and the evening charka with a good mood and spree, until the next morning.

Every season for every taste

Nevertheless, nightlife has no gender, sex and/or age, but taste and sophistication. Choosing between winter and summer nightlife in Rethymno is by no means easy, especially when there are so many options

Nightlife in Rethymno – there are so many great places for a night out in Rethymno that you’d never know where to start

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